Muir Beach Off Bad Water List Even With (Shock!) Dogs Allowed

Muir Beach is officially off the bad water list and yet.... dogs are still allowed on the beach and in the water. Turns out they're not pooping whale-sized turds in the water. Also turns out most dog owners pick up their dog's poop, whale sized or not.

(We responsible owners try to shame the poop-duty shirkers as much as we can and pick up extra poop because, you know, poop karma.)

So all of the finger wagging at our dogs' bums as being the culprit behind poor/contaminated water quality is, well, still as silly as it always sounded. But now patently untrue too. Score.

As a bit of background info, dog poop ruining the water was an argument that was trotted out as a reason to further ban dogs and those who recreate with their dogs (or just love a bit of dog love and can't have one of their own) from the 1% (a single percent, that's right) of the GGNRA on which they are currently allowed.

So we have to say we're doubly delighted -- for a clean AND continued dog-friendly Muir Beach!


Read more about the finding at the Marin IJ 

Image credit: Will and Eko at Marking Our Territory