GGNRA Releases Proposed Final Dog Plan

Thursday, the National Park Service released its Final Environmental Impact Statement outlining its proposed final plan for dog management in the GGNRA.  On January 10, 2017, the Park Service is planning to sign the Record of Decision, the agency's final position on dog management in the GGNRA.  

Although the National Park Service is trying to represent the plan as a compromise, it is nothing of the sort. The recently released version would still ban off-leash dog walking by 90% and on-leash dog walking by 50% in the GGNRA.

Huge Losses for Marin:

  • Only 8 miles of leashed trail access remain- down from 24 miles.
  • The only off-leash area is a half-mile stretch of Rodeo Beach, a cold, remote location with treacherous surf that requires a lengthy drive in heavy weekend traffic.
  • Historically dog-friendly Muir Beach is now on-leash only.
  • Dogs will be banned on every single trail leading out of Muir Beach, including fire roads, virtually stranding that community.
  • There will be zero off-leash trails, including fire roads! 

Huge Cuts in San Francisco and San Mateo:

  • Fort Funston and Crissy Field are losing 60% of dog walking areas.  
  • Dogs will be completely banned on 80% of Ocean Beach.
  • San Mateo finally got some off-leash but it’s miniscule.
  • Dogs can be leash free on three acres at Flat Top Rancho Corral de Teirra in El Granada but that’s out of more than 4,000 acres.
  • The other areas in that county will see a 50 to 60 percent reduction in access.
  • And no one can access San Mateo GGNRA lands with more than three dogs virtually decimating the commercial dog walking industry there.

*Stay tuned. We will be getting information from our lawyers soon. We are commited to fighting this plan every step of the way. We will not give up.

We will be having a Bay Area-wide call-in to key Congress members.
Monday, Dec 12. Details coming soon!