They are at it again.

Just when we thought we might be able to walk with our dogs in the Golden Gate National Recreation area without having to worry that the Park Service would take this activity away, they are moving to revive the dog rule for the GGNRA, hoping the new Secretary of the Interior won’t notice what they’re up to. We can't let this happen.

Please click here to sign the petition asking the new Interior Secretary to help us stop the National Park Service’s assault on dog walking in the GGNRA.

Here’s what’s going on – we thought the Park Service wouldn’t possibly try to push through the GGNRA dog rule after we discovered through our Freedom of Information Act Lawsuit that numerous Park Service officials—including two GGNRA superintendents—had been using their private email accounts to collaborate behind the scenes with special interest groups that oppose dog walking. By colluding with these groups to lobby elected officials on behalf of the Park Service position, and by destroying administrative record files, demonstrating bias against dog walking supporters, and omitting data from the dog management plan, they irreparably corrupted the administrative process used to develop the dog rule. (See for more details.)

But that doesn’t seem to matter to the Park Service. We believe they are now maneuvering to try to push the dog rule forward and it could happen as early as this summer. On May 15, the Park Service announced they’d commissioned an “independent review panel” to evaluate whether NPS officials violated the National Environmental Policy Act by using private email to collaborate with outside groups that oppose dog walking in the GGNRA. However, in their press statement, the Park Service only acknowledged that one employee used his private email for this purpose. In fact, at least four Park Service officials, including two GGNRA superintendents, used their private email to conspire with outside groups—not to mention the many other serious issues with the dog plan process.

In late May our lawyers responded with a forceful letter to the Park Service calling for transparency and for a truly independent investigation to be conducted by the Department of the Interior's Office of the Inspector General. Click here to read MoFo's letter. 

Right now we need to bring the GGNRA dog rule to the attention of the new Secretary of the Interior, who has been very public about wanting the Department of the Interior (of which the Park Service is a part) to be dog friendly. He can help us stop the Park Service staff’s misconduct and get the dog rule withdrawn once and for all.

We’ve held off the Park Service for more than a decade because all of us wrote letters, rallied, lobbied, marched and did whatever else we could think of. Let’s not let them defeat us now.  Do it for our four-legged family members and for our way of life!